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Ford Ranger Cruise Control Adaptive Sensor Radar Module Unit. Part Defects: No defects but may have some signs of wear. LHD – Left Hand Drive (Steering wheel on the left side). Notes: The vehicle had an accident in Ford dealership. It has 0 kilometers on it. If you are not sure about this item, please speak to your local dealer. Europe Union (mainland) 5-7 days. Rest Of Europe 5-12 days. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus 7-14 days. North America 12-20 days. South America 12-20 days. Australia, New Zealand 14-25 days. If you would like to get the part via UPS service. You can easily return the item within 30 days after item receivement with no reason for it. Our technical team will be glad to assist with any questions. Our team is doing the best to provide you the best in class used auto parts customer services. The item “Ford Ranger Cruise […]