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KIA part number 964402E201. We are a surplus wholesale dealer. All our parts are (NEW OTHER) unless otherwise specified. The majority of our parts are left over merchandise from closed auto parts stores and manufactures that are no longer in business. They may have been in storage anywhere from 1-30 years. Rubber parts, gaskets, hardware may need to be replaced and may not be useable. There may be minor corrosion, scuffs, torn or missing boxes, scratches from storage, etc. None of which makes the part Defective. We do not offer repair or installation advice. We are not mechanics. Feedback will be left after feedback is received. Your feedback assures us that your package has arrived. We try to list items as accurately as possible, but we are not automotive experts. Sometimes the fitment is so old that it does not take into account the trim, engine size or build dates. […]